It’s after school at the skatepark. A skater boy does tricks while his girlfriend, Sarah (Savannah Sixx), sits off in the shade, looking hot and sipping her soda. Sarah does this every day … wait around while her boyfriend skates and hangs out with his buddies. She is clearly very bored. Decked out in her cute little wannabe skater chick outfit, her body glistening with sweat, all Sarah wants is some attention … and to get out of this concrete furnace! Three other skater kids arrive at the park and go say hi to her boyfriend. Sarah rolls her eyes. Great, she thinks, now we’ll be here forever! One of them is a girl that she does not recognize. The girl, Jenny (Gia Derza), notices Sarah off to the side. She gives Sarah a long look before breaking from the pack and skating over and introducing herself. Sarah also introduces herself and asks the girl if they go to the same school. ‘Nah, I dropped out six months ago … the day after I turned 18,’ Jenny laughs. ‘I wish I could have done that for my 18th birthday,’ Sarah laughs back. ‘But my parents would kill me!’ The girls eye each other. ‘Why are you over here all by yourself?’ she asks. Sarah looks up at the hot girl staring at her and feels nervous. Something about her is intimidating.’Um .. I’m just waiting for Tyler,’ she says.  Jenny looks back at the boyfriend, laughing and goofing off. He doesn’t even notice they are talking. ‘My place has a pool,’ she says. ‘Want to come over?’Sarah wipes her brow and looks up at the girl. She is so cool … so much cooler than her stupid boyfriend. ‘Sure,’ she says, feeling rebellious. Jenny helps her up and they leave the park together.When they get to Jenny’s house, Sarah is impressed by how upscale the house looks. ‘Wow,’ she says, ‘this is really nice!’ Jenny makes some excuse about her dad being loaded but never around and starts to nonchalantly take off her clothes. This makes Sarah very nervous. ‘Um … I don’t have a bathing suit. Do you have an extra?’ she mumbles.  Jenny laughs, telling her that she never wears one! Why bother when it’s so hot out?She walks over and starts to help Sarah get undressed. Not wanting to seem like a prude, Sarah goes along with it and lets the cool girl help her take her clothes off.  Jenny takes her by the hand and they get in the water.As the girls laugh and goof off in the pool,  Jenny’s sense of humor and laid back attitude help Sarah to loosen up. They get closer and closer together, the sexual tension building.Jenny’s gaze becomes more fixated on Sarah. Sarah can feel it and she can barely contain her nervousness. ‘I wonder if Tyler realizes I’m gone,’ she mutters.  Jenny leans in close. ‘You should really forget about your boyfriend,’ she whispers, putting her hand on Sarah’s collarbone. The women look at each other, their mouths inches apart.’You think so…?’ Sarah whispers.  Jenny nods, bringing her hands up to cup Sarah’s face. They kiss for a moment before running up to Jenny’s bedroom, eager to enjoy each other’s tight bodies.This skater girl’s about to ROCK Sarah’s world…

Girlsway The Skater Girl Gia Derza, Savannah Sixx

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