Grocery Slut

Grocery SlutGrocery Slut
While Miranda is walking around the grocery store, selecting which foods she’d like to buy, her pussy is dripping wet. That’s because the whole time she’s fantasizing about how she’s going to use each of these items while she fucks. In fact, Miranda is so fucking horny that she can’t even wait till she gets home. She meets some guy in the grocery store parking lot and drives off with him to a deserted spot to play. Miranda creams her tits and makes the guy lick it off. She didn’t get any bananas, so she swallows his sausage instead. They get in the bed of his truck and start fucking under the hot sun. So a word of advice: if you want to pick up horny chicks, just cruise your local grocery store!See More of Miranda at FEEDHERFUCKHER.COM!

Author: badgirls

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