Karmen The zen of female beauty

Karmen The zen of female beauty

“Sun is warm, grass is green…”

Ask a practitioner of Zen what his belief system is about, and he’ll probably say something along the lines of this:

Zen is a way of looking at reality without the interfering buzz of one’s own subjective thoughts, a kind of total focus that unites body and mind. Zen is a state of mind, yes, but it is also a way of being – meaning that it doesn’t just exist in some ephemeral world of the inner spirit. It is something you take with you every day, it embraces reality around you and encourages you to attain ‘enlightenment’ here on earth, something very few religions espouse.

In that way, the philosophy of Zen and the philosophy of female beauty are remarkably alike. Perceiving beauty requires you to banish subjectivity and focus on both the physical (the body) and the spiritual (the mind). To recognize beauty you have to understand both components equally; one without the other, body without mind or mind without body, will never result in true beauty. Maybe you can see that for yourself in this set of Karmen – her physical perfection is obvious, but what kind of spiritual values does she embody? That’s for each man to decide, and decide he must if he genuinely wants to feel the full impact of her beauty. Only when he can honestly embrace both – ‘she is physically beautiful’ and ‘her elegance and athleticism represent strength and purpose to me’ – will he be truly Zen

Author: badgirls