SaRenna The SCORE Editor

When the big tit hounds lucky enough to work at SCORE got a visit from SaRenna, the Empress of Ecstasy, don’t think it was a piece of cake. Spectacular SaRenna came to see if we measured up…to her incredibly high standards of pictorial excellence.

She took over the Editor-In-Chief’s office lock, stock and both smoking barrels–and she is one tough taskmistress! SaRenna goes through our magazine from cover to cover. “You boys have been bad. Very bad. I must examine this more closely”, she coos as she flips page after poon-packed page. Occasionally, even our humble efforts at mammarotic fantasy managed to stimulate the sublime SaRenna. This was one of those days. SaRenna squirmed as she perused our wares. “Hmm…it’s getting hot in here.” As the editors gathered round, SaRenna did her executive strip…

Luckily, someone remembered to bring a camera…

Luckily, someone remembered to bring a camera…

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