Pictorials in the SCORE Archives,

SaRenna's Workout

We’re already soaked as SaRenna kicks off her fitness session at the SCORE studio. God, she drips so well…The only exercise we need to do is drag and click our mouses while SaRenna works that succulent body. Nobody pull any muscles, all right?

We have a letter here which is almost sacrilegious in a health-oriented pictorial like this: “Has SaRenna made any cigar smoking photo shoots? I have seen a couple of pics of her smoking a really big one, and those pics appear to be from the same set. I would be very grateful, if you could help me on this little puzzle!”

From time to time, SaRenna has posed with a gigante planted in her lovely kisser, generally on Boob Cruises for publicity shots ‘n stuff. Looking at the large number of SaRenna pictorials in the SCORE Archives, which includes all the material lensed in the John Graham studio in London over the ’90s, we have not spotted any shoots specifically geared to smoking.

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